Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQ's on our stock of new and refurbished computers, laptops, smartphones and more


  • Do you have a shop?

Due to time constraints, we do not a shop facility, we have a working warehouse, we do not have items on “display”, we generally configure to order, after your system has been purchased.


  • Can I collect?

We highly recommend we deliver. We have found after 17 years trading IT Hardware it is MUCH easier for all parties when customers order online and we deliver. If you consider the time to drive to us, find our warehouse, (it is a working warehouse, not a shop), fuel or transport costs, toll costs etc then it generally makes much more sense to get the item delivered. If you really need to collect, then you can. We work out of a warehouse in Brookvale / Manly. After you have purchased your order online, Click & Collect style (we prefer very much not to take cash payments). You will need to bring photographic ID when collecting.


  • How do you deliver?

We use Australia Post and Hunter Express for heavier items. As Australia is such a vast country we cannot always use the same courier as we have found massive variances in cost and service depending on location. If you require a specific device please enquire before purchase.


  • Can you supply pictures of items?

We do not have pictures of actual individual items, due to the fact that our stock moves at an incredibly fast pace. Please have a look at our eBay feedback, we have been selling refurbished stock for a very long time with over 99% positive feedback. 

Be assured you will be happy with the product.


  • How old are your products?

Unfortunately, we do not have the exact age of our products except Apple devices. We do not get age information from our suppliers. However, we ensure they are in good working order before sending them to our customers.


  • How long do batteries last?

Batteries are classified as consumables items and their longevity would depend on type of computer usage, things like brightness of screen, Bluetooth, WiFi, etc all affect how long the battery would last.

We cannot provide an exact time for the battery lifespan; however, we guarantee if you’re expectations are realistic you would get a good battery performance. If by any chance you’re not happy with your battery, our customer service team would be there to assist you and process refund if needed.


  • Do you provide tax invoice?

Yes, we provide an electronic tax invoice with every purchase, it includes GST, product details and warranty duration associated with the product. 


  • Do you set passwords in your devices?

We do not set any passwords in our devices, if it looks like there is a password in place, simply hin ENTER key or go next.


Any other questions please feel free to contact us using our online contact form