Why Buy From Us?

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Trusted Online Computer Sales


We have over 16 years eBay sales experience with amazing feedback.

  • We have 16 Years Refurbished IT Experience - We source directly from Tier 1 specialists
  • Only stock top quality products from Lenovo, Dell, HP, Apple and similar reputable brands
  • Guaranteed lowest prices in Australia
  • Massive savings over original RRP
  • Years of positive customer feedback including thousands of happy eBay customers
  • Speak to one person directly, normally the person you purchased from, not a call centre
  • No premium support phone numbers
  • Items are provided with the software you need or want and not lots of useless bloatware that slows your computer down
  • No registration needed, first time you turn it on it's ready to go
  • Get the system you want and need rather than the one that is just being sold to you
  • All systems are provided with a warranty from 1 month to 3 years for complete peace of mind.

Our eBay Feedback can be seen here: Manly Laptops

Why buy refurbished?

The majority of our systems are ex lease, this means they have been used by a large organisation like a large bank or government department typically for 2 or 3 years until the original warranty expires. At this point we are able to take advantage of one of the largest wastes of money in the IT world. A perfectly good, working laptop gets taken out of its working environment, just because the warranty has expired. This provides a significant saving for our customers where they can obtain a high quality product for as little as 5% of it's original retail value.

Any other questions please feel free to contact us using our online contact form